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Complete Collection of Colourful Invertebrates

Chu\'uk is a World famous dive destination that few people have heard of. That\'s because it\'s usually mistakenly called Truk, the name of the lagoon around which the islands lie. Few divers have not heard of Truk Lagoon and it\'s World Ware II Japaneses wrecks.
Fujikawa Maru The armed cargo ship rests upright on the sandy bottom at 34m (110ft), rising up to 5m (15ft). She is one of the largest vessels at over 130m (430ft) in length giving plenty to explore, decks are encrusted with corals as are her guns on the aft deck. Whilst 6 holds contain a plethora of artifacts from the war, including Mitsubushi aircraft wings and Zero fighter propeller blades.

Fumitsuki the Japanese destroyer sits upright in 38m (130ft) of water and is covered with corals attracted a wide variety of marine life. Her upper deck is at 21m (80ft) allowing recreational divers of advanced level plenty of opportunity to explore the wreckage.

Nippo Maru Lying at a depth of 50m (150ft) this site is best suited to tec divers, providing plenty to explore within the wreckage and without including antitank guns and mines, and a tank (pictured left). The bridge, helm and superstructure remain chiefly in tact and provide a good place to off-gas whilst watching the glassy sweepers that congregate there.

Rio de Janeiro Maru lies on her port side at a depth of 34m (110ft) with holds containing numerous artifacts from bottles to guns. Once a luxury passenger vessel she was converted to a cargo carrier for wartime and now provides divers with an easy exploration both inside and out.

Weather and Water Temperature
Truk, as part of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is a tropical country and the climate is fairly even all year round. The average high is 30°C (86°F) whilst the average low is 25°C (77°F) throughout the year. The highest rainfall occurs during in the summer months (Jun-Sept) whilst trade winds come mainly from the northeast between December and June.

Water temperatures
Warm water is to be expected year round with very little variation from the norm of 28-30°C (82-86°F).
The majority of our guests will find a 3mm suit sufficient however a full length exposure suit is strongly recommended for wreck divers to avoid injury from the wreckage, whilst Tec divers are advised to bring appropriate exposure protection for prolonged deco-stops.


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