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6-13 April, 4-11 May 2014: Standard Cabin HK$17,500.- per diver; Upper Deck Mini Suite HK$18,800.- per diver; Junior Suite HK$20,200.- per diver; 6-13 Apr offers South Central 7 Atolls itinerary, 8 spaces left! 4-11 May offers Best of Maldives itinerary, 12 spaces left!

Cruising on the MV Orion
The way to travel around the Maldives archipelago in style is by cruise ship or on a safari in a chartered vessel. Safari cruising, whether for diving, snorkeling, adventure sailing, surfing, or leisurely island hopping, is growing in popularity. It is a good way to visit several islands, or unspoiled dive locations, far from resorts. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to see inhabited islands unaffected by tourism and discover idyllic, uninhabited islands that will draw your breath away.

A typical holiday vacation in the Maldives is for a week or ten days. Any less than that and one misses out on the fun and action. Most will be staying at one resort but why limit yourself when you can hop on a cruiser and explore many different islands. Top up a tan, swim in warm waters and explore the underworld of island life as we take you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. On board MV ORION, they bring paradise to your doorstep.

On a typical trip, the Orion anchors at night and cruises only for a few hours during the day, but this is enough to discover real cast-away desert islands, unblemished inhabited islands and remarkable dive spots.

Passengers are usually a good international mix of young and old, divers and non-divers, and a house-party atmosphere swiftly develops. This is helped by the lack of formality in dress code that preaches nothing more than shorts by day and casual outfits at night.

Meals on board ORION are buffets with breakfast cooked to order, lunch and dinner with soup, salad, fruits and a choice of main courses. Catered special dishes can also be arranged on request. Currently there is Indonesian and Sri Lankan chefs onboard.

If you seek more than basic comfort, guaranteed good food and companions, cruising around the islands of the Maldives is the perfect idea for a holiday

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