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YOS Dive Lembeh ECO Beach Resort

Lembeh Strait offers a variety of diving, including some coral reefs and wrecks; however it is best known for the small and difficult to find creatures that inhabit the world of muck. Lembeh Strait is well known as Muck Diving Paradise. The channel/strait is protected by main island and Lembeh Island, is a paradise for macro underwater photography. The water is rich with plankton.

Considered as the diving Mecca for critters and macro marine life this area has rapidly gained popularity amongst macro photographers. The extremely diverse marine habitat in this stretch of water offers a plethora of macro species, many of which can found nowhere else on the planet. Diving here is the ultimate experience for photographers in search of the unusual and unseen. It is often referred to as muck divers paradise as most of the sites are either sandy areas or small reefs inhabited by many exotic underwater. With over 30 dive sites to choose from and even a WWII wreck all within a short boat ride over calm waters from the resort it is no surprise that the Lembeh Strait is a world class dive destination.

Lembeh is diveable all year but the conditions do vary from month to month. January to June sees variable (but still fine) conditions and fewer divers. August sees the poorest visibility but the richest numbers of critters and September to October are probably the best two months overall.

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