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    Diving in Fiji

North Save a Tack offers a diverse reef structure and steep reef wall. We descend to 30m (100ft) to watch for large pelagics. Schools of big eye jacks congregate here as do hundreds of unicorn fish and red tooth trigger fish. Continuing along the reef southwards we come to a pinnacle known as “Kansas” named for the likeness to the wheat fields of the US State, due to an abundance of golden leather corals. A wide variety of reef fish, anthias and gobies can be seen along with octopus and garden eels.
Wakaya Passage – A wall dive with swim-throughs & overhangs covered with soft corals; another great spot to look out for manta rays and hammerhead sharks.

Grand Central Station – A delectable fish soup and another favourite of the Namena Reserve – with schools of barracuda, trevally, parrotfish, trigger fish. Colourful damsel fish hover over the corals in clusters whilst dog tooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, white tip and grey reef sharks patrol the reef edge.

Mellow Yellow – divers can expect to see grey reef sharks, schools of barracuda and plenty of turtles at this site in Bligh Waters. Whilst at night the lionfish, flatworms and shrimps are a delight.

The Nigali Passage is a deep channel and with an in-coming current attracts schools of pelagic fish. Barracuda and trevally jacks are a common sight at the channel mouth whilst grey reef sharks form schools at just 18m / 60ft. hang out in the channel for most of the dive and watch the action then end your dive in the shallow lagoon as the channel ends. Also of note are the huge groupers that cruise about.

E6 – in Bligh Waters, starts at just 1m below the surface this large pinnacle drops to over 900m providing a wealth of hard and soft corals along with a cathedral like overhang adorned with gorgonian fans. Eagle rays and hammerheads are known to make an appearance; meanwhile amidst the colourful corals we spot numerous crustaceans and molluscs. We dive this site directly from the S/Y Fiji Siren.

Also dived during our 10-night itineraries:-

Great White Wall A fantastic display of white and purple soft corals adorn this wall off Taveuni Island. The incoming currents bring nutrients that supply the corals and when the polyps open to feed creat a \\\"bushy\\\" effect and cover the entire area. Square spot anthias dart between the corals and a variety of gobies can be found.

Swirling Coconut - Exhilarating fish filled drift dive in the Somosomo Strait with lush corals and schools of colourful reef fish. 2 central pinnacles allow the currents to swirl around feeding the purple soft corals and their attendant orange anthias. White tip sharks & juveniles can be seen.

Weather and Water Temperature

Fiji is a tropical country with a maritime climate and the weather is fairly even all year round. The year is roughly divided into two seasons; ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. The wet season, characterised by heavy brief local showers, generally begins in November and can extend through to April. Cyclones do occur in Fiji, and are typically confined to the wet season. The dry season, which runs from May to November, has cooler temperatures and slight to moderate winds. Daytime temperatures range from an average of 25°C (77°F) during the dry season, up to 31°C (88°F) in the wetter months whilst evenings are marginally cooler and can drop to just 21°C (70°F).

Water temperatures are broadly similar throughout the region; the coolest waters are usually to be found in July to October with an average of approximately 26°C (78°F). Warmer waters are common in February- June with averages of approximately 28°C (82°F). Most guests find that a 3mm shorty and possibly a rash vest is suitable for the water temperature in the warmer months, and 3mm – 5mm long for the rest of the year. However, for guests who feel the cold easily, especially with repeated diving, we recommend to bring an extra vest / hood.


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