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Gas Cylinder on Fujikawa Maru

The warm tropical conditions of Truk Lagoon, its sheltering islands and reefs make it one of the most comfortably accessible wreck diving locations in the world.

This sheltered part of Micronesia has wreck diving suiting all divers, from shallow snorkeling, down to deeper wrecks (still within recreational limits) for more advanced divers. There are minimal currents within the confines of Truk Lagoon and consistent good visibility, making the wreck diving easy and accessible for any diver. Penetrations and dive depths are nominated and customized to the comfort, needs and experience level of individual divers.

Plunge in to warm clear waters of Truk Lagoon and discover the wonder-world of wrecks and treasures hidden below its smooth surface. Aboard Thorfinn you will never be far from any dive site, as the ship moves around this vast lagoon, giving great flexibility and convenient alongside diving. Running two custom designed fast dive launches, Thorfinn provides the most variety and accessibility to all of Truk Lagoon, diving 30 or more wrecks in just one week aboard.

It enables smaller groups and caters for specific needs of divers with extra requirements such as technical diving. Truk offers wrecks to suit any level of diver, from newly certified open water divers to old sea dogs of diving, as depths are set by the individuals making the dives, yet they do have established guidelines and set safety standards. Some of their Guides, have been diving these wrecks for over 15 year and are the most experienced dive crew in the lagoon. They can hold hands with the very newest diver or release the leash of more experienced and confident diver to explore them.

Diving Conditions in Truk Lagoon:
Diving conditions in Truk Lagoon are comfortably easy, with minimal currents, bath-like water temperature (29’C/84’F) and very good light. Anytime is ‘best’ time for diving here, as there are no real seasons. NE trade-winds from January to April create a cooling effect with a light sea chop. Rainfall is fairly consistent year round with short sharp showers followed by ample quantities of sun!

High attractions of wrecked ships, planes, and a submarine, can be supplemented with occasional runs to pristine outer barrier reefs with bright corals, sharks, eagle rays, huge schools of barracudas, big eyed jacks, batfish and a profusion of reef fish! Shark feeding dives are an option at several locations.

Neighboring island visits and tours are easily arranged as desired, without shipboard fees. Snorkelers or non-divers often accompany divers aboard dive launches, to view activities below, at many shallower dive sites scheduled daily.

Regular charters run Saturday to Saturday throughout the year, with no person minimums to run a week’s tour, as they operate 52 weeks per year.

Technical Diving:
they’re accustomed to working with technical divers by supplying optional banded double cylinders, 3-4 ltr pony bottles, and special re-breather bottles as may be requested. Two onboard oxygen generators permit custom gas blending up to 100% O2 content. Both SodaSorb or Sofnalime are stocked aboard, along with Helium that should be advance requested to ensure we have sufficient on-hand quantities.
Aboard Thorfinn, you will be provided with some of the most rewarding experiences in technical diving available around the world. Onboard oxygen generators provide a steady supply of oxygen, and combined with partial pressure filling methods and a Haskel booster, various mixes of Enriched Air Nitrox can be provided to suit individual requests. Thorfinn supplies hospital grade Helium for Tri-mix blends if requested. Banded twin cylinders with isolator manifolds and various size stage/deco cylinders are available for your technical diving desires.

Re-breather Diving:
Thorfinn’s two oxygen generators produce between 95 — 97% purity, and along with imported Helium, makes Thorfinn, Truk Lagoons most favored option for both re-breather and technical diving. To meet special needs for re-breather divers they supply both Sofnalime and Sodasorb for re-breather scrubbers in a range of grades. The diluents mix provided is pure compressed air or in a combination with their hospital grade helium. A selection of re-breather cylinders are available for rental in a range of sizes suitable for most manufacturers, and all cylinders are oxygen cleaned and compatible to comply with industry standards.

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